Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


All Hours

You always have access to your vault.  Every day, all day. You can enter 24/7, 365 days a year.
The administrative staff is available on Monday through Friday between 10 am and 6 pm, and by appointment.

Why not use a bank?

We’re Better & Safer

Our facility is more secure, completely anonymous, accessible 24 hrs a day, and can be fully-insured. No prying third parties. We offer many more storage options than a bank. Plus, no chance of seizure if you follow storage rules.

Rental Period?

No Minimum

There is no minimum. We prorate our yearly pricing so we have no restriction on rental periods. If you need the vault for even one hour we can accommodate your needs. (One-month minimum charge.)

What if I pass away or for any reason can’t access my vault?

Legal Custodian Access

When you rent a Safe Haven Vault, we will provide you a “Personal Representative Card.” This will allow us to notify your legal custodian and give him or her access.

What forms of Payment?

All Types

We accept all credit cards as well as personal checks, money orders, and certified checks. We also accept Cash and Bitcoin.

What can I store in my vault?

Anything Legal

You are free to store anything from precious metals, firearms, art, antiques, passports, business records, titles, and cash. The only things you can’t store in your Safe Haven Vault are things that are illegal or explosive.