Your Valuables Are Insured

Only The Best For Our Customers
Done through SDBIC
(Safe Deposit Box Insurance Company)
Offering full coverage on the contents of your vault, at a better price than if you had insured it through Jewelers Mutual or an Extra policy on your homeowners insurance.
The policy works as a blanket coverage of your personal box, so you do not have to disclose the contents of your vault.

Why have extra insurance?

Contents kept in a bank’s safe deposit boxes are not insured by any financial institution or federal agency, such as the FDIC or NCUA.  Storing your valuable property in a secure safe deposit box can significantly reduce your insurance costs when compared to any other option in the market today. Insuring your valuables in a private vault is 1/10th of the price of insuring it somewhere else.

Extensive Accreditation

To become accredited, our facility underwent a rigorous assessment of its physical design and operations, involving analysis and inquiries in over 200 different areas ranging from vault design and construction, physical and electronic security, access technology and controls, fire detection and suppression, institutional policy and procedures, and management oversight.

What’s Covered

Multiple classes of covered property including jewelry, gems, fine art, collectibles, precious metals, and coins, as well as reimbursement for the cost to replicate wills, deeds, titles, valuable documents, bonds, passports, photographs, digital storage, and all other legal property

Easy and Affordable

There is no disclosure or appraisal requirement. Coverage starts as low as $25 for $5,000 of coverage, and there is no deductible.  The policy is issued directly in your name or box number. With little to no personal information required.

Extensive Protection

The property inside the safe deposit box is insured against loss, damage or destruction caused by fire, flood, robbery, burglary, explosion, terrorist act, and all Natural Disasters.

Industries Highest Quality Coverage

Safe Deposit Box Insurance’s (SDBIC) coverage is offered in partnership with AXA ART, the world’s leading art and collectibles insurance specialist. AXA Art Americas Corporation products are underwritten by AXA Insurance Company, which maintains an “A (Excellent)” Financial Strength Rating and an “a+” Issuer Credit Rating from A.M. Best. Both AXA ART and AXA Insurance Company are members of the global AXA Group, one of the largest insurance companies in the world.