Iris Scanning Technology

One of the marks of a professional security system is biometric identification. In this day and age of hackers and cyber infiltrators, having a system that can only be accessed using your own unique genetic code is important to have. In the past, this has been through the use of fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of the most accessible biometric identifiers and have been used to good success for the past 100 years, however, they are not infallible. Fingerprint scanners must be impeccably clean and the fingerprint itself is prone to wear and tear.

Fingerprint scanners are one of the most common systems in place for security systems, and as a result of this, fooling this kind of scanner has never been easier. Tsutomu Matsumoto, of Japan’s Yokohama National University, created a mold of a human finger. This mold became known as a “gummy” finger because it was made of the same material as Gummi Bears. He then demonstrated how to obtain a residual fingerprint sample; enhance the image using a desktop program; and print, develop and mold the image into an artificial fingerprint clone. The inexpensive and relatively easy to make gummy finger fooled 11 fingerprint analysis systems.

Fingerprint scanners are fairly reliable and have a 99.6% success rate. But for Safe Haven Private Vaults, we wanted to go above and beyond. The next step above fingerprint scanners is iris recognition. Iris scanners were first invented in the 1950’s and check for over 240 different parameters to determine identity, 5 times more than what fingerprint scanners can check for. The chances for a false positive are one in 1 million, 10 times more accurate than fingerprint scanning.

How does iris recognition work? Iris patterns are incredibly unique, more than any other organ of the human body. Identical twins don’t even share the same pattern. When you sign up with Safe Haven we perform a High Definition scan of your eyes, a process that takes less than 5 seconds, and then put you into our database. By using infrared light, we can then identify the structure of your iris in order to determine your unique pattern and give you access to your vault.  Iris scanners are completely harmless to the eyes.  Our state of the art equipment will also ensure that the only person who can access the vault is you. The scanners we utilize take an extra step to determine who you are: by tracking the motion in your eyes, we can prevent someone with a picture from accessing the vault.

Iris recognition isn’t the only security that Safe Haven provides. With an anonymous, private location, personal pin codes, armed security, ballistic paneling, bulletproof glass, and disaster proof boxes, Safe Haven is by far the most secure location to store your precious valuables. With 24/7 access, anonymous sign on, and fully insured vaults Safe Haven is the right place for you. Call (801) 569-3000 and schedule a tour today.


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