Large Storage Vaults

Do you have large assets that need to be securely stored?

The large storage vaults at Safe Haven are specifically for you.

Housed in a special VIP safe room, these large vaults will fit large assets that cannot be stored in standard safe deposit box sizes.

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Large Storage Vaults at Safe Haven Private Vaults
Open Large Gun Vault

Large Storage Vault - 30" x 60" x 22"

$1,000 / Month

$10,000 / Year

Storage for your assets that are large in size or large in quantity: artwork and sculptures, large collectables, large quantities of precious metals, valuable firearms, heirloom items, etc.

Enjoy special access to our VIP safe room, first class security, 24/7 access, client anonymity, and complete piece of mind when you store in one of our large storage vaults.

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