Safe Haven FAQs

Safe Haven is located in South Jordan, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City.

This is currently our only location.  

Safe Deposit Boxes

  • Small Safe Deposit Box – 3x5x22 – $40 per month / $300 per year
  • Medium Safe Deposit Box – 3x10x22 – $50 per month / $500 per year
  • Large Safe Deposit Box – 5x10x22 – $80 per month / $800 per year
  • Extra Large Safe Deposit Box – 10x10x22 – $120 per month / $1,200 per year

Large Storage Vaults 

  • Standard Large Storage Vault – 30x60x22 – $1,000 per month / $10,000 per year
  1. Set an appointment to visit the vault.
    The appointment must be an in-person visit. Safe Haven does not accommodate walk-ins.
    Click here to set an appointment.
  2. Take a tour and select a vault.
    We will help you sign on as a client (create a unique PIN, enroll your eyes in our iris scanning system, etc.) and ensure that you have full access to your vault.
  3. Enjoy full access to your vault.
    You now have storage in a high security vault with 24/7 access and complete client anonymity.

We recommend that you bring the items that you will be storing in the vault to ensure that you choose the right size of vault to rent out. You should also bring a credit card, cash, check, or other way to make the initial payment on your vault (along with a $200 security deposit if you plan to pay in cash). 

Because we offer client anonymity you do not need to bring any identification or personal documents with you to your appointment. 

We primarily take payments in cash, check, or card.

If you plan to make a payment in a method other than a credit card you will need to leave a $200 security deposit (fully refundable).
If you leave a credit card on file with us we will waive the $200 security deposit.
We can also accommodate payments in Venmo, Bitcoin, etc. Please inquire if you have questions about your preferred method of payment,

Illegal drugs and explosives are prohibited to be stored at Safe Haven.
(Medical marijuana is also prohibited from being stored here.)

Police K9 units will do periodic sniff sweeps of the vault to ensure there are no prohibited items stored in the vault.

Firearms and ammunition are allowed. Firearms must be stored unloaded. 


Firearms and ammunition are allowed to be stored at Safe Haven. Firearms should be stored unloaded.

Yes, we have two private viewing rooms inside of our armored vault. 

These private viewing rooms are free from camera surveillance and equipped with locks and police panic buttons in the event of an emergency. These private viewing rooms are ideal for rearranging the contents of your box out of view of the cameras and in a convenient, private location.

Safe Haven Private Vaults has been in business for over 11 years. Safe Haven has been under its current ownership and in its current location for over 5 years. 

Safe Haven has been growing steadily and is going to continue to grow and provide secure storage for your assets for the years to come. In the event that ownership ever does change again in the future it will only go to a responsible owner who can continue to provide you with the best service and unparalleled protection for your assets.

When you sign up for a vault with us, you will be provided with a paper copy of your lease agreement – your contract. We recommend that you keep this contract in a safe location, with a trusted individual, or with your lawyer. The individual who possesses your contract will be able to access your vault. It is most convenient if you also provide that individual with one of the keys to your vault.

When you signup for a vault you will also be advised to leave a card identifying a personal representative, or alternate point of contact. If you have passed away and no one has come forward with your contract, we will continue to store your belongings as usual through the end of your contract. If your contract has expired and no one has responded to our attempts to contact the owner, we will drill the box after at least one month of attempting to contact you. We will then reach out to the individual designated on your personal representative card to restore your belongings to them.

Because your storage with us is anonymous, death certificates or powers of attorney will not be of any use of us in restoring your belongings to your representatives. It is important to keep your contract safe and leave a designated personal representative.

Changing box sizes is quite easy. 

If you wish to change the size of vault your are leasing we can simple transfer the remaining balance of your contract to the new box size that you plan to move to, amend your contract to reflect your new box, and help you transfer your valuables. 


You can send your valuables or assets to Safe Haven and we will securely store them for you in one of our large storage vaults until you have the chance to come and personally store them inside of your vault. Because you hold all the keys to your vault we will need you to come in personally to store your valuables soon after they arrive. 

You can also send us your valuables before signing on as a client. We will likewise store them for you until you are able to come in person and sign on as a client. 

Please contact us for more details about shipping valuables to Safe Haven.

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