How To Protect Wealth In A Depression

How To Protect Wealth In A Depression

With current stock market conditions a lot of people are searching “How to protect wealth in a depression”.  You’ve worked hard for your wealth, make sure you protect it during a depression by knowing the best assets to own and best places to keep it.  

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Best Assets To Own During A Depression

In today’s market with unpredictable stock market conditions savvy investors are looking to more stable assets to avoid losing wealth.  While our economy might have been on an upswing, recent events have greatly impacted the market. History has taught how important depression proof assets are.  The Great Depression was one of the greatest teachers the world has ever seen when it comes to how to protect wealth in a depression

Gold And Cash

Gold and cash are two of the most important assets to have on hand during a market crash or depression.  Gold historically remains constant or only goes up in value during a depression. If the market is diving and you want to save your investment portfolio, investing in and safely storing gold or cash in a secure private vault is in your best interests.

As a guideline it is best for your emergency fund to be at least 3 months of your living expenses.  While banks may seem like a safe way to store wealth they are not insured nor legally liable if something goes missing from safety deposit boxes.  In addition the FDIC will not always be able to insure your money in banks. It is better to invest in hard assets such as gold, silver, coins, or other hard assets.  

Real Estate

Real estate is also a good way to protect wealth during a depression.  Debt free real estate ownership is another investment opportunity which typically holds value and appreciates.  Location is of course a major consideration. An area of interest for savvy investors is near colleges, these areas typically weather depressions better.  With that said the survivability of this wealth protection method does rely on the health of the local economy.  

Domestic Bonds, Treasury Bills, & Notes

Mutual funds and stocks are considered to be a big gamble during depressions.  While Treasury bonds, bills, and notes are more secure investments. These items are issued by the U.S. government.  They give the purchaser a fixed rate interest once they mature.  

Depending on your needs you may choose short term bills that mature in as little as days.  If you are looking for longer term investment notes mature in as little as 2 years.  

Foreign Bonds

In the past many experts would have recommended foreign bonds as your depression resistant investment opportunity.  As recent events have shown this isn’t always a safe gamble. Worldwide pandemics and other market instabilities have overcome this as being a wise investment as all countries’ economies are being affected.

What is The Safest Place To Keep Wealth?

You want to protect your hard earned money, but where is the safety place to keep wealth during a depression?  You have options such as the bank, bank safe deposit boxes, or the most secure method: private vaults. Read about your options below.

In The Bank

Pulling your wealth out of the stock market and depositing into your bank accounts is a risk.  While the FDIC does currently back your accounts up to $250k, there may come a time where that insurance isn’t available.  That means banks could fail, along with your money.

In Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

For hard assets such as gold bullion, silver, coins, diamonds, or other valuable commodities bank safe deposit boxes may seem like your savior.  Unfortunately banks nor the FDIC are legally obligated to insure or protect the items in the safe deposit boxes. In fact a bank employee was reprimanded by the Federal Reserve Board for stealing approximately $30,000 dollars from a Frost Bank in San Antonio, TX.  

In The Stock Market

The stock market during a depression is volatile.  Keeping a large portion of your wealth in such an unpredictable investment method is risky.  While some stocks will likely rebound buying large amount of them may not pay out in the end. 

In A Private Vault

Private Vaults are the most secure way to protect wealth.  Moving your liquid assets into hard assets such as gold, sliver, diamonds, or coins helps invest in depression proof investments.  Once you’ve invested keeping these items at your home isn’t wise and is downright dangerous. For this purpose Safe Haven Private Vaults was created.  We offer your 24/7, military-grade security gold storage option.  

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10 thoughts on “How To Protect Wealth In A Depression”

  1. I am retired, and have approximately $200,000 in American Express personal savings.
    I feel there is an upcoming depression worldwide coming.
    Is a personal vault or other vault, safe for gold, silver and diamonds?

    1. We have a few clients who highly recommend working with Advantage Gold. They are located in Los Angeles, but they will ship gold to our facility if you plan to store here with us.

  2. If I buy gold and send to you for protection, what are your guarantees? And how can it be converted into to useable money in the future?

    1. Great question.
      We would provide secure storage for your gold, and keep it safe until you had a different need for it.
      Currently, gold can be sold at many different places to convert it back into usable money. If you were storing with us and wanted to convert it into money we could also contact several of our clients who have previously expressed an interest in purchasing more gold.
      You can call us at 801-688-8810 to get more in depth answers to your questions.
      Thank you!

  3. At the time of depression, is not the best investment strategy to buy many stocks in the stock market? Since they have very low values during depression and often bounce back, I feel that this is a method with the greatest returns in the long run (20-30 years).

    1. Hi Annie,
      Good question.
      Investing in stocks when the market can definitely be a solid investment strategy. However, the “best” investment strategy for an individual depends entirely on that individual’s investment goals, opportunities, risk tolerance, etc.
      Gold can be used to get high returns, but is often used to diversify one’s portfolio, act as a hedge against inflation, etc.

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