Gold Storage: How & Why To Use It

What Is Gold Storage

Gold storage is the method investors choose to protect their investments.  It comes in the form of crude hiding or burying, bank safety deposit boxes, and private vault storage.  It is important for investors to understand the pros and cons of each type of facility. For example home storage isn’t insured and banks are regulated and not required to insure your possessions. Private vault storage however is anonymous, secure, and protected with military-grade security.

What Is Gold Storage?

Gold storage is a term that covers more than just gold.  It is used to describe secure storage of many precious metals and materials such as gold coins, gold bars, silver, diamonds, and more.  Investing in gold and other precious metals became more popular beginning in the new millenium. The IRS allowed some precious metals in IRA accounts as assets.  While this might seem safe, it is ultimately in the hands of self directed IRA brokers. Many investors decided to invest in physical gold, sliver, and other precious materials.  This means finding secure storage to protect their investments. Our gold storage private vaults are multipurpose and you can select your size and what you want to keep in them. They can be 100% anonymous, have armed guards, and 24/7 access.  

Why Use Gold Storage?

Many savvy investors choose to use private gold storage vaults as they don’t have a secure way of storing at home.  With home break-ins on the rise it isn’t wise to leave your nest egg just sitting at home. You cannot stand vigil 24 hours a day and 7 days a week guarding your gold, but we will.  Our armed guards protect your investment in a state of the art gold storage facility. With iris scanning level security protocols your gold and other precious possessions can rest easy.  

How To Use Gold Storage

Gold storage does come with some options and government restrictions.  Learning about storage types, the laws, and insuring your investments.

Insuring Your Gold Storage

If you are thinking about or are storing your gold at home, your home insurance may not cover your precious metals or other collectable coins.  Sometime they may only cover a portion of the investment, or nothing. Lots of home insurance policies have limits that might be as low as $1,000 dollars.  Bank Safe Deposit boxes might seem like the solution, but they are NOT. The FDIC and Bank are not legally required to insure the contents of your safety deposit boxes.

Use Private Vault Storage

If you can’t store your gold or precious possessions at home or a bank, Private Vault Storage is the best alternative.  IRA custodians and precious metal sellers will often have lists of private vault storage companies. While they may be able to streamline the logistics of getting your gold to the storage facility, you are not required to use whoever they choose.  There is a bit of a conflict in interest if they are getting kickbacks for recommending a facility. In addition having a totally anonymous gold storage option is peace of mind.

Gold Storage Laws

Investing in gold or other precious metals comes with some laws.  IRAs are under rulings from the IRS that forbid keeping your gold storage at home.  In addition IRA agreements often list that the items may not be kept in your home. The IRS requires these IRA accounts and deposit boxes to be under controlled access.  This is for taxing distributions and tracking purposes. 

For these reasons Non Bank Gold Storage has become increasingly popular.  Private Vault Storage companies work with your IRA and precious metal brokers in the shipment and storage of your investments.  Safe Haven Private Vaults is Fully Insured, completely anonymous, has military-grade security, and 24/7 access.

How Not To Store Gold

Gold and precious metals are an investment, and storing them safely is your number 1 priority.  Leaving them under a bed, burying them, or other methods of storage just don’t cut it. It surprises a lot of investors to learn that bank safety deposit boxes ultimately aren’t as secure as our Private Gold Storage Vaults.

Don’t Put It Under The Bed

Some investors have the idea that out of sight is out of mind.  While that might work for the pen that rolled under your sofa, it doesn’t work for gold storage.  People breaking into houses know the common places that homeowners hide things and are looking there first.  And if you’re thinking about becoming a pirate and burying it in the backyard, just stop. There is no insurance for your investment in your home or in the ground around it. 

Don’t Tell People About It

While you might want to help others invest in such a stable and profitable market as gold investing, don’t share how much or where you keep it.  If you really are considering keeping it at your home understand that it must be top secret. Thieves and opportunists may take notice if a big old delivery truck shows up and drops off anything but appliances or furniture. 

While the same trucks deliver your investments to our private vault, we have military grade security.  It is our business to protect the investments of our clients.  

Let Reviews Help Make Your Decision

Reading online reviews or listening to educated peers will help you choose the right gold storage facility.  In today’s world the reputation of every business is available with a simple search on Google or by checking the BBB.  Choose excellence and the most advanced Private Vault with Safe Haven Private Vaults


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6 thoughts on “Gold Storage: How & Why To Use It”

  1. Where are u located.
    Are you in SLC or do you have close by facilities in Utah County, or Orem or Provo etc
    How do you charge .5% of weight or just by the vault size that is rented
    Thank you

    1. We are located right outside of Salt Lake City in South Jordan. As of right now, that is our only facility in Utah.
      We charge by the size of the vault rented out. You can view our vault sizes and prices here.

  2. Would the Federal or state governments have access to the vault if they give orders to confiscate all metals or bank accounts from Americans
    If the Feds do call and chose to confiscate all metals or bank accounts because they are throwing monies at foreign countries by the trillions, —-how would my investments that would be stored in your vaults be handled by your company?
    Thank you

    1. That is a good question.
      Because we are not a bank, any federal or state orders that have to do with bank accounts or bank vaults would not apply, and your valuables would stay safe.
      By storing anonymously with us, you are shielded from an individual that is trying to target your assets through a lawsuit or divorce, etc. However, if the federal government came in and seized our entire facility, there is little that we could do to stop that.
      We do our best to stay on good terms with the local government. We have the police bring their dogs through to inspect the vault regularly, etc.
      Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss these concerns further.

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      That is a great question.
      If you want to contact us here we would be happy to recommend a few gold and silver dealers that some of our clients have had a good experience with in the past.

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