State Of The Art Facility

With Bio-Metric Iris Scan Security

Safe Haven Vaults is regarded to be “The Most Secure Private Vault Facility in the Country”.

Safe Haven Private Vault’s security includes Fortified Steel Walls, Ballistic Paneling, Reinforced Concrete, and Reinforced Bulletproof Glass.

Surveillance Security includes Motion Detectors, Pressure Recognition Sensors, and over 30 High-Definition, 24/7 Monitored Cameras.

The facility is equipped with a Non-Water Fire Suppression System, Armed Security Personnel, and Backup Electric Generators for Sustained Energy during Power Outages.

Your Personal Access is secured through Multiple Coded-Entry Doors, a Bio-Metric Iris Scan, and your Personal set of  Keys that give you entry into your Private Vault; Creating a 4 Tier Access System that is Unparalleled.

Iris Recognition is an automated method of Biometric identification. It uses mathematical pattern-recognition techniques on video images of the irises of an individual’s eyes, whose complex patterns are unique, and stable. Iris Recognition is estimated to be 10 times more accurate than fingerprinting and is 99.99% Accurate. Our Iris Scanning Technology Includes Fake eye detection; and can be used by our customers with their glasses or hats on.