Get a Free 1oz Bar of Silver

Free Silver at Safe Haven Private Vaults

We are offering a Free 1oz Bar of Silver to the next 100 people who open a 3″x10″ Safe Deposit Box* with us at Safe Haven.

100 sounds like a lot, but these boxes will fill up fast…

Store Your Assets at Safe Haven for:

  • First Class Security
  • 24/7 Access
  • Complete Anonymity
  • Free Silver

Schedule a Safe Haven Tour and Claim Your Free Silver Today1

* The 3×10 Safe Deposit Box lease contract must be for at least one year to receive a free bar of silver.

Why Should I Pick Safe Haven?

The free silver is a no-brainer, but why else should you choose Safe Haven?

Do you need secure storage but feel nervous about banks?

We provide the alternative — a high-security Private Vault.

We keep your valuables safe, let you access them anytime, and provide one-of-a-kind peace of mind.

  • First-Class Security
  • 24/7 Access
  • Complete Anonymity

Storage options range from small safe deposit boxes to large gun safes.

Vault Rentals start at $40 a month.

Schedule a Tour of Safe Haven and See What it's Like For Yourself

(And Be One of the 100 People Who Get Free Silver When You Rent a 3"x10" Safe Deposit Box...)

See What Our Clients Are Saying

Paul H.

5 Stars for Private Vault Storage

I have used Safe Haven Vaults for years to secure my valuables. I truly believe they have the most secure private vault in the country. I have looked and have not found anything better. Their new facility in South Jordan is amazing!

Rachel H.

5 Stars for Private Vault Storage

Safe Haven is your go-to place if you need anything stored. The security systems they have in place are incredibly impressive. They have thorough, high-tech monitoring as well as security checks to make sure absolutely no one who is supposed to be in the vaults, gets in the vaults. It can be completely anonymous too, which is a great option for people who need to store highly valuable items.  The customer service is off-the-charts good – super friendly, knowledgeable, and instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel welcome. I would highly, highly recommend this place to anyone needing secure vault storage!

Ali M.

5 Stars for Private Vault Storage

If you need a safe and secure place to store your valuables, then Safe Haven Private Vaults is the place for you!  They have a variety of box sizes and prices starting at $40 per month.  You can access your valuables 24/7 365 days per year, and there is 24 hour security.  I feel great knowing my personal documents are stored in such a secure environment, that I can access at any time.