The Need For A Safe Haven

The Need For A Safe Haven

In the past 3 years, banks across the nation have lost, stolen, or destroyed up to $1.3 billion worth of valuables that their owners had assumed were secure in their safe deposit boxes. Many people believe that safe deposit boxes are the best place to keep your valuables, but the reality is that banks provide little to no security for your belongings. The bank has the rights to drill into your vault at any time they feel like doing so, and you are powerless to stop them.

Storing your valuables at home is no less safe. Keeping them in a safe at your home comes with inherent risks of a break-in or of someone threatening your family. If someone were to point a gun at your child and ask you to open up your vault, there isn’t anything you can do. Just having your valuables kept at your home is a hazard to both you and your family.

Insurance also may not be able to cover the entire value of your items. A standard home insurance policy from Allstate only covers up to $2,500 worth of your personal belongings. If the cost of your valuables exceeds that amount, you are out of luck. In addition, some objects are simply irreplaceable. If priceless artifacts and family heirlooms are stolen, no insurance policy can restore what was lost.

That is where Safe Haven comes in. Safe Haven Private Vaults specializes in military-grade security and protection for any and all goods. Utilizing state of the art technology such as retina scanners, motion sensors, ballistic paneling, steel plated reinforced concrete walls, 24/7 monitored cameras, armed guards and more; you can rest assured knowing that your valuables are secure. Safehaven Vaults was appraised by Global Risk Evaluations and was given their highest ranking of a “Tier 1 Vault” which surpasses the qualifications of the best banks in the world and the Department of Defense.

Safe Haven Vaults is considered so secure, that the insurance companies that work with Safe Haven provide rates that are 10x lower than if you were to insure those items through your homeowner’s insurance. With Safe Haven, you can fully insure the entire value of any item you store with us, and there is no need to tell us what it is. Using iris scanning technology, your own personal pin code and a key that only you have access to, the only person able to access your vault is you.

With 24/7 access to your personal vault, you never need to worry about getting to us before we close. With armed guards monitoring cameras at all hours of the day, you are free to come in at any time you please. Safe Haven is the most secure private vault facility in the country and is the right choice when it comes to protecting what is important to you.

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